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 Crosstech Dental Carbide & Diamond Burs
 A CUT ABOVE ALL , if it Drill, Grind, Cuts, Shapes, Polishes or Carves, WE HAVE IT !
 Crosstech export to 105 Countries around The World.
    Siamese Diamond Burs Made in ThailandThai Diamond Burrs
One-Price Only for any Shapes & Sizes
 Green Electrolyte Diamond Bur, FREE of Cyanite
Crosstech Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. is a Multi International FDA Certified Manufacturer of  High Precision Medical Products Class IIa Friction Grip Dental Diamond Rotary Tools (Burs), with precision Research & Development aimed solely on product safety and super
fine quality development. Super Quality is our Research sole aim and Development programe for a Super Bur !

                                      Crosstech manufacture Diamond Dental Burs
with the
latest New Generation of Pioneering
Mono and Polycrystalline Diamond
                                      Bonding and also Nickel Plating Process, that prevents
Diamond Grits from flaking off much faster, loosening or being extracted off easily from the steel Bur Shank, during Surgical Operation. Therefore it is  very Durable; last much longer and more Abrasive than many common Bur Brands, readily found in the Dental Market.  Crosstech Diamond Dental Burrs always maintain its prestigious high quality status, winning much Compliments as an emerging Bur Leader or Best Diamond Bur Manufacturer within the Dental Industry in Asia and the World. For more information, on the award winning Diamond Bur Test among 14 Top Brands in the USA, Europe and Japan, please send email request

 Special Diamond Bur Sets
High Precision FG Dental Diamond Burs
One-Price, Any Shapes, Any Size

Standard (Blue Ring)
Coarse (Green Ring)
Super Coarse (Black Ring)
Fine (Red Ring)
Extra Fine (Yellow Ring)
Mini Short Shank Burs
Easy to keep track of stock, with cost price at  finger tips.  No accounting mistakes.

 Crosstech Manufacture Both Sterile & Non-Sterile Dental
 Carbide and Diamond Burs in Boxes & Blister Packaging.

Crosstech High Speed Diamond Dental Burs have an evenly Multi-Layered
Diamond Grits over the Shank, together with the Nickel plating coated layer, prevents any
Vibration TraumaCrosstech Diamond Dental Burs ensure superb cutting and or polishing efficiency, creating a neat, smooth and accurate calibrated cut surface, essential for a beautiful finish to a satisfied Dental Client.

      News and Events 2018
 Crosstech Launch a new Zirconium/Emax
Crown Removal/Preparation
 Diamond Bur that NO other Bur could
 match its performance. No  chips, cracks
 or scratches.Cut exceptionaly FAST !!!

 The World Dental Trend shows sign of slow but recovering economic turn
 around for Dental Diamond Bur or Burrs (sometimes also called
dental drill or
micro drill), within the Dental Industry. During this period, quite a number of
 Dental Bur factories who produce disposable quality, has closed down due to
 competing cheap disposable Burs from China. The Market force now will move
 forward, on
high quality and a more durable Diamond Bur, but at an affordable
 Disposable Dimond Bur that is
not more than One US Dollar price.

 The USA Ivoclare Vivadent (Swiss Origin) has tested Crosstech Diamond
and awarded a Test of Excellent with position No. 3. However, the
USA Dental  Magazine has tested and awarded Top No.1 position
 No. 1 among Top 14 Diamond Bur Brands in USA.
Launched Crosstech Disposable E-Gamma Sterilized Blister Packaging Diamond Bur.

NEW Zirconium Crown-Preparation
Special Diamond Burs sets. Crown Removal Bur No. ZHD5 & ZCC4L. Normal Diamond Bur
leaves grit-lines on Zirconia surface.
Special Grade Diamond grits selected specially
to manufacture Diamond Burs that cut and prepare
Zirconia Crown smooth and neat.
 Ivoclar Vivadent Bur Test
EU Authorized
 Crosstech parent company, as a Gemstone Wholesaler and Gem Diamond
 Tools Manufacturer
, has teams of Expert Gemologist, Gemstones Researchers,
Crosstech Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. is at the upper hand to locate,
 identify and find the right sources, so as to acquire the best and precision types of
Synthetic and Natural Grit Diamonds around the world, for the Patented
 Advanced Diamond Bonding/Plating Manufacturing Process
with an ideal and
Friction Grip (FG) Diamond Dental Burs that is Sharper and Last Much
 Longer, but at the
lowest price possible.

Although Diamond is the hardest substance in the world, it is quite brittle, i.e. it can be shattered into pieces by a hard knock. Hence to understand the brittleness with a value from 1 to 10, being No. 1, the most brittle that can be breaking off upon grinding easily. No. 10 is the most tough, i.e. no matter how it is grinded, it does not break up easily and thus rounded off edges.

 Hence to select the right Diamond Grit for its value of
Brittleness from a value in
 between No.4 to No.8 is our expertise. As the Diamond grits are grinded, it does
 break-off, but not so fast, and the
newly broken edges are sharper and gives good
 cutting power
. On the other hand if it break off easily, in no time, there's no diamond grit left. And if it is No. 9 or No. 10 being very tough, then the edges would be grind rounded off  and thus has no more cutting power.

Crosstech uses a combination of Cocktail-Diamond Grits, thus ensuring a Truely
 Superb Cutting and Long Lasting Dental Diamond Bur.

 Launched Crosstech Special Diamond
 Grit Zirconium Diamond Bur
Carbide 1
 Launch Best Quality Dental Carbide Bur
 Crosstech Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. bought the Latest Diamond Bonding
 Patent Rights from a Western University Professor and combine them with an
Eastern University Professor's ability to convert Theory into Practical Commercial
 Bulk Diamond Bonding and Nickel Plating  in large quantities by using moulds that could produce hundreds Burs, thus lowering the cost in production, in contrast to conventional Diamond Bonding and Plating process by European and Japanese
, that are using the One-Piece by One-Piece dangling in electrolyte
 process even in today's Technology Age. Crosstech manufacture more than 3,000
 types of shapes and sizes
of Dental Diamond Burs.

In conventional piece by piece dangling into electrolyte diamond plating, there will be Positive electric Amphere current that repel among dangling burs side by side, thus electrolyte plated diamond burs has uneven grit-diamond bonded, i.e. thickness and quantities of diamond grits will adhere
to the steel bur, due to
repellent Amphere current, like the same pole repellent of magnet (North repel North pole or South repel South Pole etc.). Thus conventional European and Japanese burs are not as efficient.

 China FDA
 Russian FDA
Korean FDA
 Diamond is the hardest substance in the world and its Industrial Grade is used
 in manufacturing Diamond Tools within all types of Industries.

          The Moh's Scale of Mineral Hardness goes as follows;

         1)  : Talc             :
Talcum Powder
         2)  : Gypsum       : Plaster of Paris
         3)  : Calcite        : Limestone and most Shells contain Calcite
         4)  : Fluorite      : Fluorine in Flourite prevents tooth decay
         5)  : Apatite        : Glass
         6)  : Orthoclase : Orthoclase is a Feldspar
         7)  : Quartz         : Amethyst, Citrine, Agate
         8)  : Topaz          : Emerald, Aquamarine are varieties of Beryl
        9)   : Corundum  : Ruby, Sapphires are varieties of Corundum. Twice as hard as
       10)  : Diamond    : Used in Jewelry and Cutting Tools. Four times as hard as

However, within Diamond, especially Synthetic Diamond, again it has a scale
No. 1 to No. 10  for its Brittleness to Toughness. No. 1 is most Brittle i.e. it is
 easily breakable when it is crushed or knock upon. Too Brittle will see Diamond
 broken down (thus with new abrasive face that is sharp)
too quickly, shattered
 and washed off. 
No. 10 is very Tough that could not be broken easily, upon
 knocking or crushing upon, but then its corners are smoothern, round-off, without
 its abrasive sharpness as cutting power.

 Hence, selecting a
Mono Synthetic Diamond grade that is within certain criteria in
 breakable limit, but still has certain Toughness, is most
crucial or important for its
 properties to have its Abrasive edge and Sharpness as a cutting or grinding
 like Crosstech (FG) Diamond Dental Burs.

 Another type of
Polycrystaline Diamond has tiny clusters of Diamond Crystal
with many sharp edges. It is produced by a special
Catalytic Explosive
under very High Temperature and Pressure. Hence, it is more expensive
 and is used as fill-in within Mono Diamond Grits and for Polishing Burs in the
Crosstech Friction Grip (FG) Diamond Dental Burs.
 European CE Mark
    Renewed 2019
 Korean FDA
  HP & RA Burs
 How reliable is Crosstech Burs ???
 Visit our Testimonial page and read what
 other International Dentist comments.
Dr. Afshani : Just by touching,
I can feel your Super Good Burs
 Do NOT Trust what we have promoted so far,
 email us for sample to test out the Quality.

 Crosstech Diamond Burs passed Test
 Cytotoxicity under ISO 10993-5:1999
 Primary Skin Iritation ISO 10993-10:2002
 Skin Sensitisation ISO 10993-10:2002
 Re-newed ISO 13485 CE Mark 0120
 Crosstech (FG) Diamond Dental Burs have the highest Quality Standards &
 Control with
ISO 9001:2008ISO 13485:2003 Standards, thus exceeding many
 common Standards and last much longer than other Brands, up to
Ten (10) times
 longer than Disposal Diamond Dental Burs, saving Dentist time and money with
 great satisfaction.
We offer Full Money Back Guarantee or 300% Product

 Crosstech Diamond Dental Burs Approved Registered Authorities :
 US FDA Establishment Registration No. : 3004362293
 European CE Mark Standard (93/42/EEC; 89/36/EEC; 93/68/EEC)
                       EN50081-1, EN50082-1, EN61000-4-2, EN61000-4-3
 ISO Standard : ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 (SGS UK)
 Canadian CMDCAS Approved. (SGS UK)
 Thailand FDA Registration No. 1-1-03-02-06
 Korean FDA No. A 55050 (1) BR-310 160
 China FDA Registration No. SFDA (I) 20062550615
Russian FDA Registration No. OC3 2009/04066
Australian Government Dept. of Health ARTG No. 178144 Class IIa
Japan FDA :  18B1X00001 and Foreign Approval : BG11100005
                                                  Testing Diamond Burs : The Best Test to
                                                  evaluate or check the quality of a
Diamond Bur
                                                  is to use a Dentist Hand-Piece yourself and grind
                                                  it continuously horrizontally, V-Groove cutting or
                                                  bore a hole on any
Nickel Coins or Nickel
(just slightly harder than teeth) for 10
on a corner of a coin face, 20 Minutes
                                                 on another side of a coin-face and then final 30
duration, on yet another side of a new coin-face. Test other brand of
 Diamond Burs of the same shape and size for the exact same duration, applying
 with the same pressure with the Dentist Hand Piece on different sides or faces of a
 Nickel coins.

 You will realize then, which brand of Diamond Burs could last only the first 10
and became bald, which brand of Diamond Burs that could last till the
20 Minutes duration, became bald or lost cutting power totally and then
 which brand of
Diamond Burs that could continue till the last 30 Minutes and
 still continue to cut with power
. Within One to Two Hours, you became the best
judge/expert to decide on which brand of Diamond Burs really supercedes all
 other brands in the Dental Market.
How could a Thai made Diamond Burs
 perform better than even Japanese and European Diamond Burs with over 60
 years manufacturing experience ??? 
Send us email requesting sample Diamond
 Burs for test comparison.
 Canada CMDCAS 2017
 Australian FDA
Japan FDA 1
 Japan FDA
 ISO 13485 2017
                                                  Disposable Diamond Burs:Due to much media
                                                  campaigne and TV coverage, the
Trend towards
                                                  Dentist using
Disposable Diamond Burs at low
                                                  price cost seems a wonderful concept. However,
                                                  unlike Dental-Napkin, Tissue Head-Rest, Saliva
                                                  Ejector, Rubber-Hand-Gloves etc. whereby one
                                                  time usage is very hygenic and recommended.

 However, in the Dental Market today, there are so many brands of Sub Standard
 Diamond Burs
at very low price cost,
but could not even be used to complete
 one Dental Surgery job, and need 2 or more Diamond Burs only to complete the
 same surgery. And, since there are no "
Bur Standards" like the "Diamond
 Grading Standards", hence to classify or identify good Diamond Burs that could
 be used for just
One-Time Usage as "Disposable Diamond Burs" seems a most
 difficult task to many Dentist and Dental Distributors. Good Europeaan Brands
 has good quality but at super high price that could not be used as a one-time usage 
 Disposable Burs.
Crosstech (FG) Diamond Burs give this valuable options to
 Dentist with a
Superb High Quality Diamond Bur at Disposable Diamond Burs
Crosstech Dental Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. has a wide choice for High
 Speed FG Diamond Burs and Gold Plated Diamond Burs, Slow Speed Right
 Angle or Contra Angle RA Diamond Burs, HP Laboratory Diamond Burs,
 and Turbo COOL Titanium coded Diamond Burs.
 US FDA Registered
   Thai FDA Origin
Payment Term : Advance payment by Bank T/T remittance with Parcel delivery
                            within 10 working days. For order less than 1,000 pieces order,
                            payment has to be paid via Website
Paypal payment.

Mode Delivery : Delivery by Courier FedEx, UPS, TNT, DHL or Postal EMS
                             under C & F door to door 3-days delivery service. Alternative
                             Air Cargo delivery can be arranged if Buyer has shipping Broker
                             to clear parcel at destination Airport.

Packaging       : Pack in 3-pieces Box, 5-pieces Box or 10-pieces Box. Parcel
                           can also be pack in loose 100 pieces plastic bags 2-layers or zip
                           lock bag.. For best
optimum weight saving, the 5-pieces packing is
                           the best. 10,000 pieces pack in 3-pieces Box : 17 Kgs Gross
                           Weight. 10,000 pieces pack in 5-pieces Box : 10 Kgs.Gross Weight.

Invoicing          : Upon order with Crosstech Bur Nos. details and quantty details
                            in pieces / box send via email, a
Proforma Invoice with Bank a/c
                            details, along with
Packing List with parcel weight will be sent.
 Email : info.crosstech@gmail.com
Skype Contact : dental-bur
 CrossTech PDF Catalogue
         Skype : dental-bur
TNT Tracking
  Best Cutting Bur that won USA Bur Test  First Prize
  Email us for copy of Magazine proof on the Test !!!
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